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GNEWC - is the "Graphic Novel Enthusiasts of the World Club." It began a few years ago as a weekly comic strip drawn by Stephen Ibbott (that's  him below). In it, a small cast of characters, those plants above, discussed the graphic novel Stephen had just read. After a while, the idea of a long story came to his mind and it has been off to the races ever since. What you see here is the first book in GNEWC's story. The second book will be launched on the site some time in 2018 - and that will be when things get really dicey for Ginger, Bud, Herb, Grapes and Venus!!

Stephen, by the way, started out as a fine artist - a painter - who showed his art all over the place. For a time, he only drew comics on the side, mainly as a means to poke fun at his friends. But change happens, right? Now, it is comics all the time. Comics, comics, comics! He lives in Toronto, Canada with his lovely family.

And today, anyone can join GNEWC. All you have to do is send in your own comic strip about a comic or graphic novel you have enjoyed and it will be posted to the blog. Create your own GNEWC characters and start your own GNEWC branch and, just like that, you are an honorary GNEWC member.


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